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"Forest Green" - Custom mixed metallic finish

Megasquirt (PCB 3 / MSII Processor / VR Mod / MS2Extra 1.0.2 Firmware)

Stock direct-fire FC Coilpacks

13B Extend Port (Built myself, took about 9 months to collect all the parts, spec them and build in my limited spare time)
- PLATES: 12A N Plates (Ported by Stuie - RX Performance)
- HOUSINGS: Brand new 13B Housings (ported by me to Pineapple Racings EP1A template)
- APEX SEALS: Rotary Aviation Apex Seals - RA Classic 2mm &
Mazda OEM Apex Seal Springs (2 per seal)
- CORNER SEALS: Keyhole Corner Seals & Series 6 Corner Seal Springs (flat)
- SIDE SEALS: Series 6 Mazda Side Seals & Mazda Factory Race Side Seal Springs
- OIL CONTROL RINGS: OEM Oil Control Rings and Oil Casings &
Mazda Factory Race Oil Casing Springs
- OIL PUMP: HP Oil Pump
- ROTATING: S4 N/A Rotors, Eccentric Shaft, Counterweights from AllMaz wreckers, specs checked by me
- BALANCING: Full rotating assembly balance by Andrew @ Xtreme Rotaries (also exhaust port tracing on my practice housings)

Injection Perfection 2x50mm IDA style

4x550cc Injectors
0.5L surge tank
Stock Mazda Pre-pump
Bosch EFI Pump (4L/Min)

Headers and twin hotdogs almost to the diff by Stuie
Standard 2.5" Cat
Rotaflo RFRR250 Big Resonator
Rotaflo RF250 Big Muffler

Exedy clutch
Standard S2 Gearbox
Standard S2 Diff
Rear shocks stock, Pedders stock height but stiffer springs
Front shocks KYB (pedders comfort gas fail continuously), stock springs
Removed rear anti-sway bar

Stock black/grey
Repainted trims that had been sprayed silver to black

16" Starcorp Concept 5 Wheels all 'round
Ultima Front-bar (soon to be replaced)
Bump-strip free (good and bad)