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1st Gen RX7 Rear Brake Calliper Rebuild

Megasquirt MS2 CPU with v3 PCB and MS2/Extra Firmware
Fuel and Ignition control for the rotary engine!
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1st Gen RX7 Front Brake Upgrade to VT Rotors (machine disc from original hub) - SPACER MEASUREMENTS


Collected Manuals/Guides


Vic EPA Emissions Rules 2004

Passing Emissions Testing in WA

How's and Why's of each component in the emissions system - Dale Clark


Modifying Your Car

Vicroads Guide to Modifications (VSI9) May 2003

Roadworthiness Requirements VIC

Rx7Carl & Pratch's Cold Air Intake on a First Gen Guide

Clear 1st Gen Tail Light HowTo

TBMod - 2nd gen n/a throttle body mod

Eliminating radio frequency interference (RFI)



VIN Numbers for First Gen RX7's - What they mean..

Solving GSL-SE Idle Problems By David Lane

Discussion on the build-up of condensation in oil-filler tube

Notes on decarbonising a rotary

Restoring compression using ATF - Bobrx-7

Notes on compression/apex seals and ATF

How Ignition works on 2nd Gens

Microtech Digi Series 1+ Diagram

Microtech MT/LT Series Engine Management Manual

No-Start Checklist by Pele

Where to look for oil leaks

Rear pinion seal and 5spd manual output seal removal and replacement

On a 6PI: Aux ports opening late, vs not at all

Rotary Engine by Kenichi Yamamoto

Rotary engine end plates and centre plates compared from different engines


First Gen RX7 vs RX8


Factory Service Manuals

1980 Mazda RX-7 Workshop Manual (28 mb)

2 Mazda RX-7 Wiring Diagram (29 mb)

1984 Engine Performance Guide

1982 Tech Data

1985 Tech Data

1985 Wiring Diagram

Mazda Carburetor Training Manual (9 mb)


2nd Gen Factory Service Manuals

Predelivery Inspection

1988 Engine

1989 Engine

1988 N/A Fuel & Emissions

1988 Turbo Fuel & Emissions

Additional Fuel & Emissions

1988 Engine Electrical

1989 Engine Electrical

Propeller Shaft

1988 Body Electrical

1989 Body Electrical

1988 Tech Data

1989 Tech Data

Wiring Diagram

2nd Gen ECU Pinout Diagram

Special Tools


Part Catalogues

81-83 Part Number Index

81-83 Body Part Catalogue

81-83 Chassis Part Catalogue

81-83 Engine Part Catalogue

84-85: Part Number Index

84-85: Engine Part Catalogue


Other Random Stuff

PCB Design Tutorial


13G Rotary Engine